Want a better CAT exam preparation? Go to sleep!

Want a better CAT exam preparation? Go to sleep! Today’s post is about certain things that are never paid attention to and often ignored by all of us while we’re preparing for exams like CAT 2015. There are a few things that people pay no attention to while they are getting ready for competitions. These […]

Essence of the passage in CAT 2015

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Essence of the passage in CAT 2015 Essence topic surprised many CAT takers with directly 4 questions in CAT 2014 making a comeback for this topic. Similarly in CAT 2015 do expect atleast 2 – 3 or maybe 4 or 5 questions. Spend 30 mins and solve these 4 questions and you are done with […]

3 main perks for doing MBA

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3 main perks for doing MBA Master of Business Administration is one of the most widely pursued post graduation course worldwide. Also, it is one of the most expensive courses. Given these facts, there is always an ongoing debate whether doing MBA is worth or not. Beyond the obvious that a degree of MBA guarantees […]

Academic profile now important at IIM Calcutta


Avademic Profile weightage increased to 30% from 20% last year by IIMC with 3% weightage to girls as gender diversity. IIM-Calcutta has evened out the playing field for aspirants, increasing the weightage given to Class X and Class XII board examinations to 15% each so that engineers don’t get an advantage over other students by […]

60 days 2 months to CAT 2015

  Scoring 99%ile is becoming more of a distant dream for most of the CAT aspirants especially if you are scoring less than 90%ile in your mocks. In this article you will know about what to do and what not to do for CAT! Tips discussed in this article will help you improve your current […]

CAT 2015 preparation strategy

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CAT 2015 preparation strategy For many MBA Aspirants, CAT is a fearsome enemy which is going to decide their Future. If you lie awake in bed worrying about how will you prepare for this exam, fret no further. Instead, Remind yourself with your college days—the strategies you relied on while taking exams. Those will now […]

Selecting correct option between option A and C in CAT 2015

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Selecting correct option between option A and C in CAT 2015. Thrill of quickly eliminating three incorrect answer choices on a question always make one feel proud. Problem starts when one sees complete uncertainty between the last two choices. This paralysis is very frustrating, because your progress is halted you are left with two options […]

CAT 2015 applicants 5 year high

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68% boys, 3.3% conversion rate, 70% engineers, 68% freshers.. total of 2,18,660 studentd set the stage for CAT 2015. Most difficult competition in last years. Boys vs Girls 1.48 lac boys ie 68% and 0.7 lacs girls and 80 transgenders trying their luck at CAT 2015. With total of 2,18,660 applications. Last year CAT could […]