JBIMS admission process

New JBIMS admission process See detailed interview with Rav Singh for CET admission process… http://www.cetking.com/interview-rav-singh-mba-cet/ Tentative dates November – Application form out.. details here: http://www.jbims.edu/admission/ December – Form submission March – CET exam April – GDPI process May – final admission Key facts: 1. JBIMS has 2 main programs MBA and MSc finance. I will […]

30 days to CAT 2014 exam

30 days to CAT

Download 30 days to CAT 2014 exam handout of full month’s homework 30 days to CAT 2014 exam Week 1 Pre Class things to do: • DI Basics online • RC Basics online • Arithmetic Basics – Percentages, Ratios • CAT 2013 actual paper solving workshop See – Online eClass basic workshops and Use Orange […]

CAT 2014 recharge workshop

Hi guys Please find attached cat 2014 recharge workshop handout below: Download Handout: CAT 2014 Recharge workshop handout by Catking   44 days 10 hours 42 minutes 30 seconds left for CAT 2014 This is the time when most of your mind is pre occupied about impossibility of cracking cat rather than working on possibilities. […]

50 days to CAT exam

50 days to CAT exam Hi Guys, This video below talks about 50 days to CAT exam. 50 days 50% prep 50 mocks 50 ques/topic 50% of your CAT preparation is based on last 50 days. This plan will help you make final strategy for CAT this year. Week by week plan for CAT Week […]

IMT Ghaziabad

Summary: Last date to apply – 24 December Written test accepted: CAT XAT GMAT Followed by CnPI communication skills test and PI 50% in graduation eligibility Cutoffs: CAT 93% (expected for ghaziabad campus) XAT cutoff 90%ile Seats: Ghaziabad 480 pgdm Nagpur 360 pgdm Hyderabad 240 FAQs for IMT (For PGDM 2 yrs Full-Time and MBA […]

How to Improve quant

Pareto principle works perfect on CAT quant section. Cat quant section is easy to crack.. Like graduation exams cat is focused on some important topics.. If you hav less time left to prepare or consider urself weak in quant; rather than leaving quant section at all you should focus on these few topics..12 – Geometry […]

Dirty Quant shortcut workshop

Quant cutoff clearing: Visual Geometry Vedic Numbers Equations Polynomials Dirty Quant Arithmetic DI Without Pen Dirty Quant is a concept coined by Cetking to include all the topics which difficult to grasp for engineers and non engineers alike. Dirty quant comes as a subset of modern maths with maximum weightage given esp in CAT (12/50 […]

CAT 1990 paper with solution

CAT 1990 paper with solution in new pattern CAT 1990 paper cetking questions CAT 1990 paper cetking solutions CAT exam in the year 1990 contained 174 questions in four sections, i.e. Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning. At that time, sections on Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension were separate […]

Special Equations in CAT CET SNAP NMAT

Special Equations handout CETking. Special Equations in CAT CET SNAP NMAT. Special Equations Level 1 handout download here Special Equations Level 2 handout download here Special Equations is part of Cetking’s Algebra section along with following topics. Simple eqs Quadratic eqn Cubic eqn (Fermat’s Theorem) Special Equations Polynomials Maxima Minima Functions & Graphs Logarithms Inequalities […]